Tuesday, 16 March 2010


I was looking through Vogue April 2010 and came across an article featuring Laetitia Crahay, artistic director of Maison Michel, a Parisian hat-making house (oh and she's also only the head of accessories and jewellery at Chanel!) This article showed some of her head pieces and I fell in love with them in every way. She uses lace and pearls and feathers in such a beautiful way and the designs are so delicate and feminine.
Anyway, there is a charity fashion show coming up at college and these pieces gave me a lot of inspiration to create something different, that nobody else will be doing, having previously planned to design a dress. I have now decided to use her designs as inspiration for a few accessories, so watch this space for photos of the making process and HOPEFULLY finished pieces in the show!

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  1. Really cool find, i like the bear ears one. The use of the floral patterns really jazz it up. and obviously the fact she has gorgeous eyes. haa.