Monday, 11 October 2010

Finally, a new post..

I am SO bad with blogging! Apologies to the very (very) few people who read this, and mostly myself for not updating this more! Everything has been a bit topsy turvy recently; I have recently started an Art Foundation course so there's been a lot of pathetic 'soul searching' and mild panic about uni courses etc etc. However, things seem to be a little more calm and collected, work is in progress and I feel like I am actually going in a direction, for once. I'll post a few of the pieces from small projects I have done so far, a few textiles samples and a fashion piece inspired by orange skins, sounds odd but I really did enjoy it, and I'm relatively pleased with the outcome.
AND, I promise to post some more things on here that I like, hopefully that you might too, but I'm A okay with the fact that this blog is probably for me and me only, like a sort of online dear diary..

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