Wednesday, 8 December 2010


My three favourite vintage scarves. The red one and the light floral one are stolen from mummy, she has quite a collection of lovely things like this that I have gradually re owned (without her noticing) and the grey floral one I found in a charity shop just down from my college in Plymouth. Its a sort of chiffon fabric and was £2.50! Most charity shops in Plymouth are full of crap but this one tends to have lots of genuine vintage stuff, it's the only one around and down the street from an art college so things tend to disappear quite quickly!

This is my FAVOURITE ever bag, it's just beautiful and was again stolen from mummy. She likes it back now and again but its effectively mine. The beading is gorgeous and people always ask where I got it, I'm usually pretty smug because nobody else can buy it, heh heh heh..

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