Monday, 13 December 2010

Johnny Flynn

I had the great pleasure of seeing Mr Johnny Flynn last night in Exeter. It was a fantastic gig with really good supports from Melodica, Melody and Me and Basia Bulat. Search these two because they are ones to watch!
However, as I was watching the gig I realised certain things that are apparent at almost every gig/festival,

1. There is always some REALLY REALLY tall person that decides it would be fun to stand right in front of you so you are staring at their bum.
2. There is always a very drunk person that shouts out inappropriate things in the silent bits.
3. There is always a weird person that dances as if in a trance, eyes closed, whilst moving their hands in a weird way and shouting out random words oblivious to the fact that everyone is watching.
4. There are always groups of girls that take photos of themselves in front of you so there are flashes going off at all angles.

But hey, Flynn made it all worthwhile
This is my old favourite, The Box, he waited until the very end to play this - I was a happy girl

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