Friday, 21 January 2011

Models Own - I bow down to you

I have noticed that I don't write very much when it comes to blogging, mostly because I never have the time and usually I'm just blogging about trivial stuff like clothes and what not. However I have decided on a belated new years resolution, to not just use my blog as a means to moan about all the things I cant afford (blah) which has been the main focus since I actually started keeping up with it and not leaving about a year in between posts, but to sort of treat it like a diary and write more about me etc. Except not the really cringey diary type stuff you used to write when you were 12, speaking of which, I found my old diary the other day and it is horrific! I blab on about fancying Gareth Gates and Ben from A1. Bloody hell. So yeah, I need to write more, starting from now! (Ok tomorrow, Im too tired right now, plus I need a new layout, I'm bored of this one)

Also, yummy nail varnishes! I just bought Utopia nail varnish from Models Own website and got a free Kohl pencil with it :) Having bought one I now want them alllll! A few of my favourites are Peach Puff, Beths Blue, Grace Green and Nude Beige. Plus there is a lovely coral lipstick I would like. Bit of a pastel whore me.. Perhaps next weeks wages can be spent on that website instead of petrol; I need to walk everywhere more anyway..

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