Friday, 18 March 2011

Strapped for cash!

Just a very quick post to say that I have lots of items on ebay at the moment, because I'm saving for a holiday with the girls, so if you happen to come on my blog, have a look because there might be something that takes your fancy :)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Charlie Fink - Can I marry your voice?

I've been listening to Noah And The Whale a lot recently. I used to be a huge fan and then for some reason I stopped listening to them, maybe it's because after a while their songs can sound quite depressing. By that I dont mean really dreary and horrible, just quite sad, and can give a feeling of nostalgia. But I hadn't really listened to the album The First Days Of Spring, which is actually full of hope and so peaceful. Charlie Fink's voice is so beautiful. I'm going to buy their new album, with Life Goes On etc on it.
I had a busy week at work last week, non stop shifts involving running around frantically with arms full of plates, however I did earn myself a nice lump of money so I'm going to treat myself to some new music, Noah And The Whale is top of my list, along with Two Door Cinema Club and Hurts.
This is a t-shirt my boyfriend got me off ebay. I love the print and when I got it it was a very long sort of tunic thing, which was quite hard to wear with anything apart from leggings, so I did a bit of DIY and cut it into a cropped t-shirt which I now love, and can wear with skirts, as opposed to before when I tried to tuck it in and achieved the lumpy roll of fat look because it was so long! My plait is so short here, I really want my hair to grow but I swear it stays the same length, or possibly 1mm a year. PFFFT.